Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Learning to drive

This is what my then boyfriend's car looked like the first day he taught me to drive!  We'd just come back from the police station where we organised my learner's permit.   I turned into his driveway, and didn't straighten up in time.
The fence didn't look too good, either.

I didn't learn to drive at that time in my life, not because I knocked down his family's fence, but because shortly after I got my permit, my boyfriend bought himself an MG sports car.  If you're 5ft2in, (156cm), and you've ever tried to drive an MG sportscar, you'll understand why I didn't continue my driving lessons.
I eventually learned in a Datsun 180b, taught by a friend.


Mum's Russian toffee
1kg white sugar
1 cup water
125g butter (not margarine)
1 tin condensed milk

Boil all together about 30 minutes, stirring all the while to prevent burning.  Pour into a greased tray.  Cut into squares before completely set.

Did you know?

Dizzy Gillespie liked the way his trumpet sounded after he dropped it, so he kept it bent that way from then on.

An orchidometer is an instrument to measure the size of testicles.

Midori is the Japanese word for green.  Midori the drink was invented in Japan.

Cyanide was named after the colour cyan, which means blue

Words from my Grandma

When asked "Why", she would reply "Because y's a crooked letter, and can't be straightened".

When asked how old she was, "As old as my tongue, and a little bit older than my teeth".

Watching TV

Yes, he is a male cat!

Common sense is in spite of, not the result of, education.  Victor Hugo

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