Friday, 8 April 2011

Fun and Games

Spoilt dogs
Fun and games at our house this morning.  I was going grocery shopping, but when I picked up my keys, the dogs thought it was tata time!    While I was putting bags in the back seat, Little dog jumped into the front seat, and wouldn't come out.   I went round to the passenger door to get him out, and Big dog jumped in through the driver's door (yes, I should have shut it first).  Little dog jumped out, but Big dog, a 40kg labrador, decided to do a 360 and leave the way she came in.  By then I had shut the driver's door, so when she realised she couldn't get out that way, she tried to squeeze between the bucket seats into the back seat.  So I had to open the back door and let her out.   THEN I went shopping.

Little dog and Big dog chomping their bone treats.

The Carrot Farm (part 2)
The carrots were brought to the shed in a trailer, towed by a tractor.  One day, one of the young lads drove up to the shed, backed up to the ramp, and then realised he'd lost his trailer somewhere between the harvester and the shed!
While we were waiting for carrots to be brought up to the washer, we'd do some cleaning up, then just stand around waiting and chatting.  One day, a new boy was on the tractors.   When he arrived at the shed, we told him we didn't want any more carrots, and he should take them to the farm tip.  He drove off, and we thought he was just going to drive around the shed to stir us up.  Unfortunately, he thought we were serious, and dumped a whole trailer load of carrots.  I don't know if the boss ever found out, (Hi Luke, if you're reading this), but it was never mentioned.
One day the boss took a carrot out of my bin, and asked what was wrong with it, because it was a perfectly good looking carrot.  Then he took a bite, and spat it out.  I told him I was so good at my job, I could spot a bad carrot even if it looked good!

My daughter and her friend checking out the carrots at the farm tip,
20 odd years ago.

"He knows nothing; he thinks he knows everything;  that clearly points to a political career".
                                                                 George Bernard Shaw
"Want a thing long enough.......and you don't".
                                                                Chinese proverb
"Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake".
"If you're going through hell, keep going".
                                                                Winston Churchill

Red Cars
I normally go shopping on a Wednesday, but had to go Friday this week.   I found out something very interesting about Friday shopping days.   There were more red cars in the car park Friday than I ever see on a Wednesday, so Friday must be red car owners shopping day.  Most of them were bright shiny new red cars, but there were a lot of darker reds, metallics, and older cars.   Just read (red, get it?) this through, and it doesn't sound as interesting as I thought it was, but I'll leave it in, just in case someone has a queer thought process like mine.

Did you know?
  • The earliest evidence of carrots being used by humans dates from 3,000 in Afghanistan.  They were purple outside, and yellow inside.  You can still buy or grow these "gourmet" carrots today.
  • All polar bears are Capricorns, because they're all born December/January. 
  • There is actually a word for being afraid of peanut paste sticking to the roof of your mouth - arachibutyrophobia.
  • The name Hitler was listed 22 times in the New York phone book before WWII - after the war, there were none.
  • Dolly Parton once lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest.

Success is getting what you want; happiness is liking what you get.

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