Sunday, 8 January 2012

* Happy New Year *

My 2011 in brief

I promised myself this time last year that I'd catch up with old friends.  I managed to catch up with four of them.   Hopefully I'll add more this year.

In January I made my first yoghurt.  It wasn't bad, but did have a slight burnt taste from burning the milk as I scalded it.

In June a young chap driving a Woollies grocery delivery van managed to find his way up our firebreak, getting himself bogged!   He was supposed to be delivering to the property across the road!

Pepper reckons he could dig it out!

In July I finally made a decent batch of Lemon Butter.  I've tried before, but never had any luck, but this time I got it right.

In September my debit card was hacked.  Fortunately, I always keep the balance low, and there wasn't enough in it for the amount the hackers wanted. 

In October I made some hyperbolic crochet balls! 

They're easier than they look.  You make a small chain loop, then just keep crocheting 2 stitches in each stitch, until it's as large as you want it.

Also in October I came equal first in a soap competition on Melt and Pour Soap Crafters facebook page.  My prize was to have my soap photo as profile pic for 2 weeks, and also two lovely soap moulds from Bebe moulds.   

These soaps were made with one of the moulds I won.

In December we had a thunderstorm one lunchtime which really shook us up.  There was a huge cracking sound, and Sootie wasn't the only one terrified!  Turns out our phone, which was about 3 feet from where Eddie was sitting, was zapped.

Needless to say, the phone doesn't work any more!

Although Sootie is terrified of thunder,
Pepper reckons it's just one more thing to see off. 
With every clap, he runs outside and barks at the sky.

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